This post is just a glow of hope for this forum.

Watch my drive kid.. when eye bus this round/ u wheel get schooled.. that's not a pick up...
I'll tire you out from the round-- even-spare setups/ these, heavy rhymes flex abs.. that's not a sit up

I put work under the tracks.. It's bomb how I train production acts!.. & u could steel get 6 feat. down, stat!/
See D's? ..bars are buried.. Cracks! --I set the way, & the pave.. meant to flow, is how I replicate trends, black

That's light barz! sabers, I glow in these wars star!/ it's like I war-haul, how I aim to pop-arts, & warn y'all..
So, all ya bars' gassed, like chambers --I betchu did not see this fam-- I said "gas, chambers, jew, natzi"...
I'm just the world's Meanest Man!


Really into battle rap recently. I was inspired to write some few bars. Continue this if you want...