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Thread: I'm (still) nice as fuck

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    Default I'm (still) nice as fuck

    I remember a time when life was fun, when I was young, still unsure what I'd become.
    Each insight would light me up, as my insides ignite with love for what I write and what I've done.
    These nights it's fighting rust.. it's falling down, it's climbing up.
    These rhymes are fine enough, don't call me proud when I could tighten up!
    Each line has a vibe you trust, so you let it take design like a virus does.
    Hijack and bypass all types of stuff.. recite a line back your mind's hacked I'm nice as fuck!!
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    "My humble side is crumbled by the rhymes that I have summarized!
    I could write a hundred times the bar count
    That these other guys have drawn out through the summertime before it's even dark out!"
    - Frantikk - God of Thought

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    Default Re: I'm (still) nice as fuck

    Nice one still...


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