Hello All, how's it been in the past time
It's been a minute since this fellows drawn or spat lines
But now I'm back I - needed a second to stat-gize
Get these keystrokes crack high, this penman is a weapon used to trap minds
My section is a blessing I speak until my last breath
The lesson is the message I bleed for passed death
This kid is in the past tense, speaking of the Glory days
When he wrote bars on rapdogs until it's memorial phase
Sitting next to my dude when we are 85 like "you remember that last text?"
Either way let's tie the title into this scheme right quick I'm Back From the Dead

-This next section was modeled off of my first rap here as far as structure, so forgive the lack of consistency (doing it for the memories)
Now this site is giving me bad breathe
Because kids like note and frantikk who rocked it till it's last text, taught me when I joined up
I hope they are famous living off ad sense because dudes from this site brought the noise up
I was 13 when I wrote my first line on this page right here.
Garbage of course, but that made me better
Now I'm pursuing a PhD and I will owe my growth as man to this site forever.